Ahoy there!

If you are currently seeing this, you are banned from the access of internet for a month….. Don’t worry, just kidding. I, am Mayank Gupta, a young boy of 15, living in Ghaziabad, a city in the world’s largest democracy, India. I created this blog so that people can know more about me, and I can know more about them. Usually I like to be funny, but I am deadly serious at the time of work, what I should be as a student. As I told you earlier, I am in an age when a person has a wonderful capacity of knowing. I study at DLF Public School, one of the best schools present there. I am a Capricorn(was born on 24.12.2000, a big hug to you if you are also a capri, a hug even if you’re not), so seriousness and coldness should be my most prominent characteristics. You’re wrong if you think so, as I like to have company and craziness. Anyways, welcome to my world!

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